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We tell you what it is like to volunteer in the most famous National Park in the world, which is also a World Natural Heritage Site by Unesco .


Do you like outdoor sports?

Volunteering in Galapagos

Galapagos is known throughout the world for sports such as surfing, snorkeling or apnea, but there is much more!

Enjoy riding the famous Galapagos waves with your board.

You don't know how to surf? No problem, we will recommend the best instructors on the island, and you can rent your equipment with our collaborators.

Make sure to bring a snorkel mask to swim with the sea turtles and sharks.

You can also tour the island through the network of trails created by the National Park.


Nature as you have never

experienced before

Due to its isolation, Galapagos has a large number of endemic species, which means that they can only be seen here, like marine iguanas and giant tortoises. It was here where Charles Darwin was inspired to develop his famous theory of evolution.


Many tourists come every year to take photos of animals and birds. In doing so we must bear in mind that this is their territory, and we are the guests. Quite a lesson in humility.


Remember to always stay at least 2 meters away from animals!

Arriving to Galapagos

Your trip

Galapagos Foundation is located in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, on the island of San Cristóbal, within the Galapagos Islands. A volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean located 1,000km off the coast of South America

and is made up of 19 islands and a large number of islets.

Situation of the Island of San Cristóbal within the Galapagos archipelago.

Prepare your trip

The Galápagos Archipelago belongs to

the Republic of Ecuador, and does not have direct flights from third countries. There are only flights from and to the Ecuadorian cities of Quito and Guayaquil,

that is why the first stop on your trip will be one of these two cities.


Stamps quitando fondo.png

The archipelago has 3 airports, located on the main islands, but your destination airport is San Cristóbal (IATA code: SCY, ICAO code: SEST), located in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. We will pick you up there and take you to your accommodation.






of origin

The town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is the administrative capital of the Galápagos province.


View of the Galapagos Foundation headquarters, in Golden Bay, from the promenade.

It also has a hospital, a number of shops and restaurants, and is the starting point for many routes and excursions around the islands.


It is a small coastal town of 6,000 inhabitants with a picturesque promenade, 4 beaches (one of them, Golden Bay, in front of the Foundation), and spectacular sunsets.

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

Don't think twice and apply to one of our programs!

During your volunteering with us, this will be your home.


Useful information:

  • Currency of Ecuador: United States dollar (USD).

  • What the weather will be like: The Galapagos are located exactly on the equator. The climate however is not as warm as you might think (and in some months it can be quite cool). Marine currents determine the climate in the archipelago and temperatures can range between 7 and 28 degrees. The rainy seasons are concentrated from December to June and it is when it is warmer. From July to November the sea cools down and the climate goes from mild to cool.

  • Time zone: GMT-6, six hours behind Great Britain and the same time as in New York.

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