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Volunteer programs

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A one in a lifetime experience

Give a unique twist to your career


Colaborate with us!

Find out about our volunteer programs

We are calling for applicants!

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Professionals in Residence Program

Are you a professional and want to contribute to a good cause?

Turn your career around with a teaching and learning experience in connection with nature.

This program seeks to provide knowledge to the youth and women of the San Cristóbal community, contributing to Galapagos Foundation's projects.


It is a flexible program for professionals who want to make a change. Show us what you are capable of doing!

Galapagos Foundation Volunteer Program

Make a positive impact with us!

In the Galapagos Foundation volunteer program you will be part of one of our projects on the island of San Cristóbal, collaborationg in different areas of the Foundation such as our sustainable agriculture farm, and in projects on education and sustainable food.

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Develop your project in Galapagos

Are you in college and want to do your thesis or an internship in Galapagos?

Are you a scientist, researcher or professional interested in doing a project with us?

Welcome! We will be happy to meet you and prepare a tailor-made program for you.

Know what life in Galapagos

is like

We tell you what your life will be like during your volunteering, and information about the trip. If you want more information you can always ask us a question here.

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